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Many consumer clients have simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases for which I have a flat fee schedule and can usually give a consult and price quote over the phone.

A "Simple Chapter 7" case is where there is no real estate, no operational business, debt less than $100,000 and income less than $75,000 (for single filers) and $100,000 (for married couples). For single filers, the attorneys fee is $2,000. For joint filers, the attorneys fee is $2,500.

The attorney’s fees charged in a bankruptcy case will generally increase depending on the complexity of the particular case. For instance, if you own real estate or have complex financial affairs, the fees are higher. Each situation is different. Sometimes discounts are applied for persons on fixed incomes or have other extenuating circumstances. The best thing to do is to merely schedule a free consultation to discuss specifics. I can usually do such consultations over the phone.

The court imposes a standard fee for filing a bankruptcy. Court costs (filing fees) are $338 fee for a Chapter 7 and $310 for a Chapter 13. In special cases, the court filing fee can be waived or paid in installments. 

In addition to the costs described above, all persons filing bankruptcy must complete a mandatory credit counseling session (the “1st Course” before filing a case) and a debtor education course (the “2nd Course” after the case is filed).  These can be completed from $20 for the 1st Course and $20 for the 2nd Course ($40 total).


To set up a consultation to discuss your situation and to obtain a specific quote, call San Francisco Bankruptcy Attorney Marty Courson at 415-433-3100.

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