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All consultations and client intake meetings can be conducted solely via telephone or video conference. Marty Courson, Esq. is an electronic case filer with the Bankruptcy Court, and, as long as a client can transmit requested documents via cloud, email, fax, text or USPS, he can prepare and execute their bankruptcy case. No in-person meeting is required for preparation of the bankruptcy! 


Marty Kevin Courson, San Francisco Bankruptcy Attorney

"My goal is to personally help each and every client achieve a debt free future NOW! I leave judgments at the door and focus solely on helping my clients get off the seemingly never ending debt merry-go-round."

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Chapter 7

Most people are eligible for a Chapter 7 “straight” bankruptcy where they get rid of all their debts from credit cards, post-foreclosure mortgages, repossessed cars, medical bills, judgments and the like. Few people with an expert bankruptcy lawyer have any assets at risk in a Chapter 7. With the generous exemption scheme for property in California, almost 98% of bankruptcy debtors keep everything.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is the gold standard for consumers who need to reorganize their financial affairs. Among other things, a Chapter 13 may permit you to strip away an underwater 2nd mortgage, “cram down” a car loan to the value of the car and pay it at a lower interest rate, play catch up with back mortgage payments, pay co-signed student loans in full and pay off required tax debts to the exclusion of credit card debts.

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"That the bankruptcy is discharged and that I'm free from the henchmen from the credit card companies is a relief to say the least.  What would otherwise be an awful, humiliating and negative experience was made tolerable by your candor, expertise and sense of humor, for that I thank you."

J.C., Chapter 7 Client



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